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Virginia 360 va360 Virginia's most historical, natural and man-made wonders abound in the big blue book of VA. George Washington truly was the father of our country and you can see where began starting at Jamestown and traveling through every region to see all of the sites in the commonwealth. See what you've been missing in Virginia360. B&D Publishing announces the finest explanation of what makes up the Commonwealth of Virginia in the one of a kind production by internationally circulated artist, author and Virginia Pilot columnist. Mark Carey. The book shows in splendid panoramic photography the most important historical and natural sites. Fredericksburg and more await you in Northern Virginia. Every one of the hundreds of sites come complete with panoramic photography, addresses and GPS coordinates to enable you to see if each site is where you wan to go. Your decision making has never been easier than in Mark Benjimen Carey's Virginia 360 Forged by Freedom and Tempered by Time!